Marina Cherkez

k0pv5vcq0SQPosition: Director of Lingvo Academy and an English language teacher.

Experience: Has been an English teacher since 2005.

Diplomas and certificates: Graduated from Donetsk National University, department of foreign languages with the diploma of a translator. International certificates TKT and CAE.

Marina is an experienced teacher of English language. Due to her experience and skills she is able to teach English to a student of any age, both children and adults. For a lot of years of her teaching career Marina has succeeded in preparing students for international exams such as YLE (Starters, Movers, Flyers), KET, PET, FCE. All examinations have been passed successfully with high results.

She constantly works on her personal development. Her ability to be a senior tutor and a friend at the same time, sense of humor and at the same time sense of delicacy and also work for the result have made Marina a favorite teacher for a big amount of students. Classes with Marina are always comfortable, interesting and what is more important lead to great results!


Aleksandra Fyodorova

yYO8bKB75BwLocation: Donetsk
Work experience: 3 years
Courses: English, French and German
Qualifications: Bachelor of Philology (Horlivka Institute for Foreign Languages)
Aleksandra is a young and perspective teacher who has achieved considerable heights in such a short period of time. The girl has already had the experience of conducting private classes and communicating with native speakers. This, of course, promotes the development of professional language skills and guarantees the quality of the completed work. Furthermore, Aleksandra continues her studies to get the master’s degree.
The girl is very demanding to herself and therefore she finds the best approach to any case, carefully selecting educational material. You can not ignore the communicability and creativity of the teacher, because it is never known exactly what type of students’ age groups has to work with, but Aleksandra always easily determines a common ground and finds an individual approach to everyone!

  Zhuravel Natalia

Zhuravel Natalia

Location: Donetsk
Experience: 1,5 years
Courses: Conversation, Exams (KAT, FCE, ЗНО, ЕГЭ)
Qualifications: Certificate of Course Completion

Natalia is young and creative teacher.
Although she has not a lot of experience in this field, she can reach out to any student, from small to large.
Both at the individual and group lessons, the teacher picks up themes,
games and activities that are interesting to specific people, in order to expand vocabulary.

Currently Natalia is a student majoring translation (German and English).
This is why she works with very latest and best methods of teaching a foreign language.
She believes that learning by hard dry facts is a waste of time!

Some suggested ways of learning may seem unusual, but they are certainly effective.

Natalia`s lessons help students to develop critical and logical thinking, teaches to understand how the rules work, and most importantly – qualitatively remember the covered material.


AlisaLocation: Donetsk
Experience: 4 years
Courses: English and Germal courses
Qualifications: graduate of Gorlovka pedagogical institute of foreign languages and Donetsk National University

Alice is a graduate of Gorlovka pedagogical institute of foreign languages and Donetsk National University with a degree in teaching of English and German languages.
Alice has been teaching languages for 4 years, and for that time her students have achieved good and stable results and come out to new levels of knowledge.
Alice has a translating experience with foreigners and foreign organizations, including the International Rescue Committee (International Rescue Committee) and others.
The focus of her teaching work is a communicative approach with a deep grammatical and lexical base, through which students master all skills of speaking quickly and efficiently.
Alice is a creative person, so you never know what tasks or games she has prepared for you to engage in, but definitely studying will never be boring with her.
She will select the individual course and teaching methods necessary for you, based on your knowledge, preferences and objectives.

Evgenia Lyadskaya

ЖЕНЯ Location: Donetsk

Work experience: 2 years

Courses: English and German

Evgenia is a young, exacting, tolerant, result-oriented teacher.

She gained experience in teaching English and German at the “Oxford Klass” school of early development. Due to this, Evgenia had the opportunity to conduct individual and group classes with students of different age categories.

Evgenia has been keen on learning foreign languages from early childhood. Thanks to her analytical mind, hard work and devotion she has achieved very good results in language learning. Currently Evgenia

is a student of the Department of theory and practice of translation of the Donetsk National University.

Evgenia is constantly working on herself. For teaching foreign languages she uses different methods of teaching students. She develops individual courses, which are aimed at interesting and exciting language learning. Learning with Evgenia is interesting, entertaining and effective dive into the wonderful world of English and German.