French for kids

French language is one of the most beautiful and popular languages in the world. Knowing French is an essential requirement for entering a lot of foreign universities and for children who study French in the future it will open lots of opportunities in travelling, work, communication, learning different sciences.

The course of French for kids Jeune Prodige has been developed by Lingvo Academy (Donetsk) exactly for kids. While doing this course your child will learn to read in French, understand spoken French and will get writing skills.

Each level takes 9-10 months. After finishing each level you get a certificate.

Teaching methodology of French language at Lingvo Academy helps children to study in the comfortable playing way, that is why our lessons are always interesting and effective!

More details about this course

Age: from 6 years old
Language: French
Levels: A1, A2, B1
Groups (4-10 people): 2 times per week х 80 min = 1800 ₽/month
Mini-groups (2-4 people): 2 times per week х 60 min = 2100 ₽/month
French for kids

Main advantages

  • maximum amount of students in a group is 10;
  • 90% of speaking practice;
  • classes are held in authentic atmosphere;
  • a big amount of games, books, songs and cartoons
    in French that gives your child an opportunity to
    stream into language environment easily and naturally.

Course is divided into three levels

А1 – level is developed for kids aged from 6 years old who have never learnt French before or have a low level of French just knowing the simplest words and expressions.

А2 – elementary level that is developed for children aged from eight years old who already have some skills in French language (have a basic vocabulary, can read simple words, can talk about themselves and their preferences).

В1 – medium level that is developed for children aged from 9-10 years old who can speak French quite well, know main grammar tenses, can tell about their daily routine, hobbies and free time activities.