Staff testing

High level of staff competence is a key to successful work of any establishment. Necessity to evaluate it objectively appears when a person is applied for a new job and when staff’s activity is estimated to identify possible gaps. Among the most popular ways of testing the leading position is taken by the assessment of staff’s level of foreign languages.

Staff testing by Lingvo Academy

Lingvo Academy holds qualified and efficient testing of the English language level in Donetsk.
We offer:

  • complex testing of the general and professional staff’s level of foreign languages;
  • testing within the frame of professional development programme after finishing trainings and courses;
  • tasting new staff and a candidate who is employed for an open vacancy;
  • testing with the aim to develop ideal corporate programmes for learning English language.

Lingvo Academy’s methodology is known for its particular result, immensity of assessment and certainty. To save your time testing can be held on a client’s territory. You will be able to improve your employees’ level with our help and it means that the “basement” of your success will become stronger.