Skype lessons

Routine rhythm of modern life quite often does not leave us time not only for hobbies and interests but also for some useful activities.
Major centers work at a particular time and not always their working period coincides with a free time of a person who spends the biggest part of a day at work or university.
And as a result we refuse from extra tuition or self-development only because we cannot be in time for the lesson or do not want to waste this precious time on a way to a center and back.

Main advantages of Skype lessons

With classes on Skype from Lingvo Academy the problem of the lack of time has been solved because you may have lessons being at home, planning individual schedule of your classes at any appropriate time for you without wasting precious time on a way to a center and back.

Skype lessons are:

  • studying programme developed specially for you;
  • opportunity to discuss and practice difficult topics and get necessary results with the rhythm which is more comfortable for you;
  • opportunity to learn foreign language at any time and staying in.

Classes on Skype – individual approach

Classes on Skype are planned and held with account of all individual features of a student. You do the course as fast as your abilities allow you. Constant control from a teacher guarantees successful result because working face-to-face with a teacher it is hard to hide problems or gaps in a lesson.

Skype lessons by Lingvo Academy!

What do you need to participate in classes in Skype? Too simple, constantly working Wi-Fi, ear(head)phones, a microphone and some free time. All studying material is chosen and prepared by Lingvo Academy center.
Private studying is a flexible process that allows to change or correct educational plan but you always should be certain that you will be provided with all necessary books and resources.

To improve your knowledge with Lingvo Academy is comfortable, effectively and interesting because we always meet our students’ needs!

Skype lessons