Private classes

Individual approach to a teaching process is worth due to its high productivity and comfort for students that is why Lingvo Academy offer their student this type of education along with classes in groups.

Private classes: is it effective?

Learning foreign language according to one-on-one instruction is an effective and valid method to reach big success for a short period of time.
Private classes have advantages over classes in groups:

  • a programme of private classes is developed for each individual student;
  • an opportunity to stop and get extra practice to understand a topic/grammar which is not given so easily;
  • the length of the course depends only on student’s opportunities and abilities;
  • a teacher builds a flexible programme of the course that means that every topic is learnt carefully with the necessary amount of time;
  • dates and time of private classes are chosen and set by a student
  • the time during a lesson is spent maximum effectively, there is no necessity to wait when other students learn and understand the topic that you already know. You go ahead as quickly as exactly you want.

Direct contact and close communication with a student gives a teacher an opportunity to find out how every individual student accepts the material and adapt the programme according to their abilities.
Due to this studying process has great results, every student gets knowledge in a size and with a speed which suit them best of all.

Lingvo Academy guarantees an individual approach in teaching foreign languages!

Creative approach of the teachers at Lingvo Academy makes private classes deep and captivating. We are able to teach interestingly and do our best to turn studying process into the pleasure for you!

Private classes