Lingvo Academy Donetsk

Studying process at school stoutly has given us confidence that to learn foreign language and to know foreign language are absolutely different and not always compatible. That is why people, who can not only teach foreign language but also are able to make a person speak fluently, write briefly and confidently communicate with native speakers, deserve great respect! A lot of doors in life are opened in front of a person who speaks foreign language fluently and earlier we understand it sooner we will get wider opportunities for improving our life.

Lingvo Academy has been known for more than one year!

Lingvo Academy DonetskLingvo Academy is a center which has gained a reputation of a place where only responsible, educative and energetic teachers work who are able to give their students not only knowledge but also a strong wish to study, find out something new and practice it successfully. The center has an eloquent “speaking” name which reflects its essence – here you are not only taught, here you are given far-reaching academic knowledge of a foreign language. Due to it you will be able to grow up professionally, find a job or carry on studying abroad, travel with comfort and widen your social circle.
The center’s name is clear even for those have never learnt foreign languages. It demonstrates the main principle of the academy – English, French or German can be learnt by everyone in spite of the current level of a student. It is obvious that only wish is not enough to cope with a foreign language exactly that is why experience and skills of our center’s teachers will come to the rescue.

Lingvo Academy – high standards in teaching languages!

The main thing what Lingvo Academy is oriented to is a result that is why every person who comes to the center knows that they will get far-reaching and high quality knowledge. Beginning with the first visit all classes are held in the authentic atmosphere, studying process is given only in English language. It creates additional speaking practice, you learn a language every second and in a few classes you are already able to understand spoken language and express your thoughts on a foreign language much better.

Regular speaking practice of a foreign language is helpful to absorb the knowledge deeper and more naturally – your vocabulary becomes active, you can build phrases or sentences without thinking. It is the first step to what will make you think on a foreign language because without it, it is impossible to be proficient in a language.

Classes in our center of foreign languages are held in groups (maximum amount of students is 10) or privately. Such policy gives an opportunity to get higher knowledge because our teachers always know how successfully each student learns a foreign language. Close contact, possibility of unlimited communication with a teacher during the lesson create special atmosphere of mutual understanding and trust. Attention which is paid to every student is not only professional but also human because our teachers strive not just teach a student but to provide them with the knowledge in sympathetic and comfortable atmosphere.

Lingvo Academy in DonetskGreat significance in arranging studying process is given to Skype classes. This methodology is a result of the integration of modern technologies into studying process and it has already gained a reputation of an effective and comfortable method of private education. The main and important advantage of this method is that now no external circumstances can disturb you to get necessary information. Location, distance and even the weather behind a window will never influence on your classes schedule – the lessen will be held on time so it is enough only to have trouble-free Wi-Fi, ear(head)phones, microphone and your aspiration to study.

Knowledge got in our center is first of all practical and needed knowledge which may be productive of much good. For instance, preparation for international examinations (YLE((Starters, Movers, Flyers), KET, PET, FCE, CAE, IELTS, TOEFL), which is provided at the academy – it is a real chance in the future to pass an appropriate examination at official certified centers.

Every teacher fully realizes what responsibility is given to them because for most students without exaggeration international examinations will become a ticket to a new life. Diplomas of prestige foreign universities, career in an international or a foreign company and even migration abroad are impossible today without formal approval of foreign language knowledge. The more responsible decision you have to make, the more attention has to be paid to foreign language learning. And every day our center proves that is able to help everyone to cope with problem professionally and successfully.

Preparation for international examinations leads to a maximum effect – it is held in mini-groups or privately. Such type of teaching gives an opportunity to master big amounts of knowledge methodically, systematically and successfully. Every student gets maximum attention that is why “give back’ from the students increases. Intensity and difficulty of the course depend on examination which student intents to pass.

Preparation for an international examination from the ground up is a very hard task and most often unachievable. The teachers of our center use authentic and traditional methodologies of teaching which combine one – high result and success which is already noticeable after the first lesson. Principals of operating with groups of young learners and adults are chosen in the way to make students interested with the studying process.

Donetsk center Lingvo AcademyThere is a big variety of cartoons, songs, poems and fairytales for kids in our center which allows to involve a child in a learning process, to provide them with the knowledge in an interesting, comprehensible and clear way. Children accept information easier if it is given like a game. However, it does not mean that studying process is sacrificed to the form. On the contrary we have managed to find harmonious balance between the information richness of the lessons and their thrill.

Paying much attention to arranging studying process to young learners we should not forget about adults. Dry and monotonous information is harmful for them as well as for kids. Adults need bright positive emotions because emotional constituent is also as essential as the teacher’s professionalism. Exactly that is why in Lingvo Academy Bonus Clubs have been developed for everyone studying in our center. What are they like? First of all it is an opportunity to practice foreign language more but these classes are a bit more different from standard lesson because they are held in a relaxed atmosphere. Theme-related events, opportunity to become familiar with foreign literature in the original, discussions of interesting issues and just communication with nice people in sympathetic surroundings – all these privileges are available for students for free.

In our center there is our own library with available resources. Everyone interested may have a look at various academic and professional material used for deeper learning of a foreign language. It is a great opportunity to cover huge knowledge without extra efforts because you do not need to look for necessary books, our teachers with the great pleasure will help you to choose appropriate literature to make it able to improve your skills harmonically and correctly.

Lingvo Academy looks forward to those who want to understand English, French or German, speak and write on these languages. Our experience, enthusiasm and love to what we do will become great helpers on your way to knowledge!

How to find Lingvo Academy in Donetsk?

To find Lingvo Academy does not take mush effort – the center is situated: Donetsk, Roza Lyuksemburg St., 30A. Suitable location allows to reach the center easily from any corner of Donetsk. It is the center of the city that is why there is a comfortable transport junction (Bogdana Khmelnitskogo Avenue, Universitetskaya Street), so you can get to us without any difficulties by public transport as well as by your own car.

To ease your searches you can use waypoints which will lead you to the center accurately. This is Oreshkova Pereulok, specialized physico-mathematical school №17 which is located near, Donetsk music school.

We are found side by side with the landscaped area – city ponds and a park. It is a quiet, peaceful district, one of the picturesque pearls of Donetsk center which can successfully compete with central Boulevards of the city – Pushkin Boulevard and Shevchenko Boulevard. Scherbakova Park that is situated near is one of the main sights of Donetsk.

In spite of the fact that Donetsk first of all is accepted as an industrial center, all its advantages are not limited to steel industry and coal mining only. Today it is the city that has combined enormous scientific, educational and cultural potentials in it. Museums, reconstructed ancient monuments and sights that have appeared for the last few years demonstrate absolute impression about many-sided and busy life of today’s Donetsk.

Known places of Donetsk are multiple valued – they demonstrate not only different sides of the city’s life but more often various eras and ideologies. Center of cultural city’s life is shown in its theaters (Donetsk Opera Theater after A. Soloviyanenko and Donetsk Drama Theater), philharmonic hall, various museums, art exhibition halls.

In Donetsk modern and classical arts neighbor and peacefully exist in every corner of the city. The brightest sample of it is a wide-known park of coated with iron sculptures – fantastic exhibition of works made by masters of smithcraft. Next to them there is another historical value – it is a monument called “Tsar Pushka” devoted to the Russian founding art. It is a very close copy of a hard artillery weapon of Middle Ages – famous “Tsar Pushka” by Chokhov.

One more “lookalike” graces the main boulevard of the city. In the entrance to Pushkin Boulevard there is “Mertsalova Palm”. It is original, made in the 19th century by the blacksmith A. Mertsalov, is kept in the museum of the Mining Academy in St. Petersburg. This delicately shaped and artistically done sculpture made of a one-piece steel rail has become dear to Donetsk people and even was taken like a symbol of the city and today it is shown on its emblem.

Special attention must be paid to temples and cathedrals of Donetsk. Their intensive building started only in the end of the last century but even today these monumental and extremely beautiful masterpieces have become an integral part of the city landscape.

The Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Saviour is considered to be the main cathedral of Donetsk. It was built at the turn of the century and now it represents a reconstructed temple, it was called after a similarly-named church damaged in 1931.

The cathedral of St. Nikolay (or it is also called the cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker) is the oldest cathedral in Donetsk. Built in the 19th century it managed to pull through the hard period for all religious buildings and already in 1988 started working. Today this building has been reconstructed but still has saved its original look and strictly conciliatory beauty.

Separate attention should be paid to parks of Donetsk. Two enormous central parks are like real masterpieces of the landscape design. And moreover the recreation and leisure park of Lenin Communist Youth Union is a little island which keeps a range of famous sights of Donetsk. Among them there is a monument of “Donbass Liberators”, children’s railway station, a monument for Afghans soldiers. Also there is the football stadium called “Donbass Arena”. It is a modern sport complex of the European level, the heart of Donbass football life.

Being the city where there are about 15 Institutions of Higher Education, Donetsk makes a huge contribution to education and science. On this way along with giants of education Lingvo Academy permanently takes its integral part, opening doors for all who want to enter the world of foreign languages.