Kids Fun Zone

Little kids aged 3-6 years old need special approach in education.
Only information that is provided in a playing way can be learnt by them effectively and with a high result.

So only for such students Lingvo Academy offers a course that is called Kids Fun Zone – these are classes with the unique delivery mode where the dominant element is a game.
Drawing, modeling, art, active games, watching cartoons will give children opportunity to spend their time interestingly and eventfully and usage of a foreign language by a teacher during classes in a simple way will increase kid’s knowledge.

Creative classes with language immersion favour many-sided development of a kid at the same time learning English is held in comfortable and natural conditions. Unique feature of Kids Fun Zone classes is no books at all, studying process is held only in a communicative way that additionally improves social skills of your child. Apart from that this methodology is appropriate for kids with different knowledge, beginning with the starter level.

More details about this course

Age: 3-6 years old
Language: English
Price: 2 times per week х 40 min = 1200 ₽/month
3 times per week х 40 min = 1600 ₽/month
Английский для детей

Main advantages

  • effectiveness – free and unostentatious way of education is the most effective concerning kids aged 3-6 years old;
  • universality – variety of creative tasks guarantees kids’ interest apart from their preferences and skills;
  • optimum form of education – absence of purposeful delivery of knowledge and positive emotions will influence on getting new information easily.

Kids Fun Zone

Current form of education means special teacher’s skills. At Lingvo Academy early child’s learning of a foreign language is held by qualified teachers who are able not only to supply students with knowledge but also to find individual approach to every child to give them an opportunity to open their potential maximum.

Full of positive emotions, interesting and informative Kids Fun Zone classes mean learning a foreign language with happiness and pleasure!