Intensive English course

Would you like to study English but do not have enough time? Specially for you Lingvo Academy has developed intensive course for learning English!

Due to effective language training method, the intensive course gives you an opportunity to get enormous content knowledge for quite a short period of time. It is a perfect variant for those who want to improve their English level, to prepare for an examination or for a trip abroad being limited in time.

Technically and skillfully structured teaching process helps to master the program of each level just for one month. Classes are usually held in the summer and for summer months you can pass 2-3 levels.

Each level lasts 1 month only. After finishing each level you get a certificate.

Unique language teaching method, teachers’ skills and qualifications and their love to what they do make studying process easy and available for every student. Studying English at Lingvo Academy according to the intensive course is pleasure with profit!

More details about this course

Age: from 16 years old
Language: English
Levels: Starter (A1), Elementary (A2),
Pre-intermediate (B1), Intermediate (B1)
Groups (4-10 people): 5 times per week х 3 hours = ... ₽/month
Mini-groups (2-3 people): 5 times per week х 3 hours = ... ₽/month
Intensive English course

Main advantages

  • effectiveness – unique language training method helps to master all necessary information in full and for the short period of time;
  • universalism – intensive course can be taken by students at different levels (Starter, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate);
  • saving – getting knowledge according to intensive course means you cut costs significantly in paying for classes;
  • 90% of speaking practice;
  • classes are held in English.

Course is divided into four levels

Starter is developed for those who start learning English from the very beginning or just have quite a low level of English.

Elementary is developed for those who have a basic vocabulary, have main reading skills and are able to talk about themselves.

Pre-intermediate is developed for those whose vocabulary is enough for holding a dialogue , who know main grammar tenses and are able to tell widely about themselves, their lives, hobbies and free time activities.

Intermediate is developed for those who have a good vocabulary to discuss abstract issues in English.