PET examination

РET (Preliminary English Test) for Schools is a Cambridge examination which estimates the level of British English language (writing and speaking). PET is developed for students aged 11-14 and it evaluates students’ knowledge on a middle level.

PET examination evaluates the level of reading, writing and speaking skills, ability to understand spoken English.

Advantages of PET examination

  • objective assessment of student’s knowledge;
  • opportunity to get the international certificate in case of successful pass;
  • opportunity to study or to work in Great Britain and European countries;
  • great motivation to improve English language in the future.

What you need to know to pass the PET exam?

The most appropriate level of English for candidates who want to pass it must be no lower than Intermediate that means a sound grasp of following skills:

  • speaking: ability to discuss and keep the conversation connected with everyday topics and routine;
  • reading and writing: inspectional reading of texts in English, knowledge of basic grammar, ability to build simple grammar texts, to express your thoughts in a written form and to discuss about abstract meanings, plans and dreams;
  • listening: ability to identify and understand  the main idea of spoken English.

PET examination can be taken and PET certificate can be received only at official certified centers. In many cases PET certificate is a good indicator of English language knowledge in order to continue education or apply for a job abroad.

Preparation for PET examination

In Donetsk Lingvo Academy prepares students for PET examination. Classes are held in groups as well as individually. Skype lessons are included in our service. The necessary level for PET preparation must be no lower than Pre-Intermediate.
Methodologies of Lingvo Academy give you an opportunity to improve your English language quickly and effectively in order to be able to pass important, far-reaching and high-potential PET examination.


Private classes400/lesson60 min
Group (4-10 people)1500/month2 times per week х 80 min
Private classes540/lesson80 min