KET examination

KET (Key English Test) for Schools is a Cambridge examination which estimates the level of British English knowledge (writing and speaking). KET examination is developed for school pupils aged 11-14.
KET evaluates the level of reading, writing and speaking skills, ability to understand spoken English.

Advantages of KET examination

  • objective assessment of student’s knowledge;
  • opportunity to get the international certificate in case of successful pass;
  • opportunity to prepare for more difficult examinations;
  • motivation for a pupil to carry on studying English.

The required level of English to pass the exam

KET examinations can be taken only at official certified centers.
The most appropriate level of English for candidates who want to pass it must be no lower than ElementaryPre-intermediate that means a sound grasp of following skills:

  • speaking: ability to express your thoughts and exchange the information according to everyday issues;
  • reading and writing: knowledge of basic grammar, reading rules, ability to build simple grammar texts and express thoughts in a written form;
  • listening: ability to identify and understand simple texts connected with everyday topics.

Preparation for KET examination

In Donetsk Lingvo Academy prepares students for KET examination.
Classes are held in groups as well as individually. Skype lessons are included in our service.
The necessary level for KET preparation must be no lower than Elementary.

Our lessons are held in a very comfortable atmosphere under the authority of our teachers whose professionalism has been proved by many years’ and successful experience of work.
That is why studying process at Lingvo Academy guarantees knowledge on a high level and quality.


Private classes400/lesson60 min
Group (4-10 people)1500/month2 times per week х 80 min
Private classes540/lesson80 min