FCE examination

FCE (First Certificate in English) – Cambridge examination which evaluates British-English knowledge (writing and speaking) and proves that pupils, students and adults have intermediate level.

FCE examination estimates the level of reading, writing and speaking skills, ability to understand speaking English and also vocabulary of a student who passes this examination.

Advantages of FCE examination

  • objective assessment of student’s knowledge;
  • opportunity to get the international certificate in case of successful pass;
  • FCE certificate gives wide opportunities for those who want to study or work in European countries.

The required level of English to pass the exam

The most appropriate level of English for candidates who want to pass it must be no lower than Intermediate that means a sound grasp of following skills:

  • speaking: ability to participate in a conversation on a set topic, often designed for specific tasks, fluently discuss different topics, express your thoughts and feelings, talk on the phone;
  • reading-writing: inspectional reading of different literature, business paperwork and periodical publications on English language, good knowledge of grammar, ability to build grammatically hard sentences, fluently express your thoughts in writing, to discuss abstract ideas, analyse texts;
  • listening: ability to comprehend and understand the main sense of specific texts, films, TV programs on English language.

FCE certificate is considered to be sufficient corroboration of English knowledge to study or work in Great Britain and European countries.
FCE examination can be taken and FCE certificate can be received only at official certified centers

Preparation for FCE examination

In Donetsk Lingvo Academy prepares students for FCE examination. Classes are held in groups as well as individually. Skype lessons are included in our service.
The necessary level for FCE preparation must be no lower than Intermediate.

Our studying process is developed to make you able to raise your English to a wanted level effectively and to the highest standards, that is why preparation for the examination in Lingvo Academy always guarantees quality result!


Private classes400/lesson60 min
Group (4-10 people)1500/month2 times per week х 80 min
Private classes540/lesson80 min