English for kids

Do you want your child to speak English language fluently? We know how to make your dream true.

Little Einstein is the course of English language that is developed for kids aged from 6 years old.

While doing Little Einstein course your child will be able:

  • to read for the first two classes
  • to understand speaking English
  • to make sentences and speak English well

Due to unique English teaching methodology your child will be able to think in English, read and speak English fluently, and even find penfriends from foreign countries.

Each level takes 9-10 months. After finishing each level you get a certificate.

Little Einstein helps your child to open their potential not only in studying but in communication as well!

More details about this course

Age: from 6 years old
Language: English
Levels: Way Ahead 1, Way Ahead 2
Way Ahead 3, Way Ahead 4
Groups (4-10 people): 2 times per week х 80 min = 1400 ₽/month
Mini-groups (2-3 people): 2 times per week х 60 min = 1600 ₽/month
2 times per week х 80 min = 2200 ₽/month
English for kids

Main advantages

  • maximum amount of people in group is 10;
  • 90% of speaking practice;
  • classes are held in English;
  • creative approach to a teaching process;
  • big amount of cartoons and games in English;
  • the course includes the preparation for international exams YLE.

Course is divided into four levels

Way Ahead 1 – beginner level that is developed for children aged from 6 years old who have never learnt English before.

Way Ahead 2 – elementary level that is developed for children aged from 8 years old who already have some skills in English language (have basic vocabulary, can read, can tell about themselves and their likes/dislikes).

Way Ahead 3 – median level which is developed for kids aged from 9-10 years old who can speak English quite well, know main grammar tenses, can talk about their daily routine, hobbies and free time activities.

Way Ahead 4 – high level which is developed for children aged 10-11 years old who are able to discuss abstract issues in English (plans for the future, dreams, ideas). A child with this English language level can easily become your personal interpreter.