English for adults

Many of us consider that their level of English language is not good enough for productive communication, reading or travelling. You can learn English on your own but the most effective way to do it is English language courses (Donetsk). Especially for those who would like to improve and to develop their English skills or just to start learning it like a new language, Lingvo Academy has invented the course of English language for adults called ICSE (I Can Speak English).

While doing ICSE course you will be able to:

  • read in English;
  • to understand spoken English language;
  • to speak and think in English language.

ICSE course lasts for 7-8 months. After finishing each level you get a certificate.

ICSE course is your opportunity to improve your English skills so that you can feel confident and comfortable at work and in communication, get necessary information from foreign literature and expand your horizons!

More details about this course

Age: from 16 years old
Language: English
Levels: Starter (A1), Elementary (A2),
Pre-intermediate, Intermediate (B1),
Upper Intermediate (B2), Advanced (C1)
Groups (4-10 people): 2 times per week х 80 min = 1400 ₽/month
3 times per week х 80 min = 1750 ₽/month
Mini-groups (2-3 people): 2 times per week х 60 min = 1650 ₽/month
2 times per week х 80 min = 2200 ₽/month
English for adults

Main advantages

  • maximum 10 students in a group;
  • 90% of speaking practice;
  • classes are held in English language;
  • creative approach to teaching process
    leading the highest result;
  • ICSE course includes preparation for international
    exams such as FCE, CAE, IELTS, TOEFL.

Course is divided into six levels

Starter is developed for those who start learning English from the very beginning or just have quite a low level of English.

Elementary is developed for those who have a basic vocabulary, have main reading skills and are able to talk about themselves.

Pre-intermediate is developed for those whose vocabulary is enough for holding a dialogue , who know main grammar tenses and are able to tell widely about themselves, their lives, hobbies and free time activities.

Intermediate is developed for those who have a good vocabulary to discuss abstract issues in English.

Upper-Intermediate is developed for those who can speak English fluently and understand speaking English. This level helps to improve English skills so that you will be able to apply for a job in a foreign country.

Advanced is developed for those who can speak about different topics fluently in English, read texts of different levels of difficulty, conduct enlarged conversations and do academic writing.