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Lingvo Academy offers unique English language courses in Donetsk

English courses in Donetsk from our center of foreign languages Lingvo Academy – it is a guarantee of quality and always consistently good results in learning foreign languages! Our English language courses are based on the time and practice tested effective teaching methods. Teaching methods developed by specialists of the leading universities of the world. We adopt their experience and strive to make the learning process as effective as possible, memorable and not boring! We offer English language courses for different age groups! When helping you to choose the courses, we will consider all your wishes (your desired end result), as well as your level of knowledge of English language. Many years of experience in teaching of English language allows us to guarantee you good results in learning foreign languages! We have much to offer you! We propose you verify this by visiting one free intro lesson! We will be able to convince you that you knocked on the right door and you made the right choice! Your results after the first lesson will be the best argument in our favor! Address of center of foreign languages Lingvo Academy is located in Donetsk, Roza Lyuksemburg St., 30a. You can see our exact location on the map on the page “Contact Us” on our website.

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Do you want to read, write and speak in English properly?

Nothing is impossible with Lingvo Academy! You no longer need to prioritize! We offer you in the learning process (in each course of study) the speaking English practice as well as grammar and phonetics. The study of grammar and phonetics is carried out according to our highly effective methods. Speaking English language practice you can get, even without leaving our country – right in our center of learning of foreign languages by attending our courses of learning English! Lingvo Academy’s teachers – certified professionals with years of experience in teaching foreign languages. We also engage foreign teachers who are native speakers of English. We guarantee that you will not be ashamed for your spoken English abroad! We will help you to learn how to read fluently and write correctly in English!English courses in Donetsk

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What is the best age to start attending English language courses?

Our center has no age limits for those wishing to learn English. We teach English children and adults. Our youngest clients are only six years old! In our center of foreign languages a lot of teenagers and adults clients of different ages. In other words, the correct answer to this question (by rephrasing a famous saying): “All ages are to English language (like to love) submissive!”.

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How to start learning English in Lingvo Academy?

First of all, we propose to clarify your level of knowledge. You can pass the online test on our website to determine your level of English language. We will help you not only to determine the level of your English language (absolutely free), but also will propose to you an optimal learning strategy that will allow you to reach your goals! Lingvo Academy guarantees to each client an individual approach when determining the learning strategies. Do not like the online tests? In this case, we invite you to visit our center for foreign languages! Sign up for a free consultation at which a qualified teacher will determine your level of English is possible using one of these ways listed below:

  • Way 1. Just call us at (066) 690-69-30, introduce yourself and name convenient for you test date! Lingvo Academy’s manager will register you for testing to a specialist at a convenient time for you.
  • Way 2. You can contact us via Viber: 050 580 33 69
  • Way 3. Fill out the feedback form on our website, indicating in the message your phone number. Our manager will call you and invite you to the test!
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Do you doubt that our English language courses are exactly what you need?

We will dispel your doubts! We confirm our words with deeds! After consultations on the definition of the strategy of your learning, we invite you to visit a free intro lesson in a group that most closely matches your level of knowledge. If you are confident in your level of knowledge, you can choose a course and sing up for one free intro lesson in a group of level that you are interested in now.

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What forms of learning do we offer our clients?

English courses in Donetsk from Lingvo Academy have several forms of learning. The most popular form of learning, of course, is a form of learning in groups of several people (group lessons). This form has a distinct advantage – the low cost of group lessons, which makes this form of learning the undisputed leader! You pay less than for private lesson, but in fact you also get high-quality knowledge. «Why do clients sometimes choose individual lessons?» – you ask. The answer is simple and obvious! Group classes are held according to a strict schedule (certain times and days). We are building a schedule of classes for each group in a special way, to make it convenient to visit for the most number of the clients. But there are always clients for which group schedule is not convenient. In such cases, we hold individual lessons with the client in the most comfortable (for client) time. Learn English (individual lessons) is possible not to stop, even if you plan to go on a business trip or on vacation! We will be happy to continue studying with you using Skype! More about studying using SKYPE here on this page:
http://lingvoacademy.com/en/skype-lessons You can read information about individual (private) lessons here (just click and read)! View the cost of group classes you can on the pages with information about each of the English courses.

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Small overview of English language courses from Lingvo Academy

What English language courses do we offer to our clients? Above all, we offer to our clients basic courses:

As well as special courses, such as:

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English courses for kids

Teaching English to children in our center is carried out in several stages (levels). Each level usually takes nine – ten months. We offer four stages of learning for children: Way Ahead 1, Way Ahead 2, Way Ahead 3, Way Ahead 4. Classes are held in groups and in small groups twice a week. Such schedule of classes is best for children. On the one hand, the classes are held on a regular basis: the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom, accumulating, but the children do not have time to forget already learned material. At the same time, the child’s desire to attend classes in a group does not disappear, but rather increases with each class. Classes in the children’s groups are fun, in a playful way that promotes active learning. Choosing for your child English language courses for kids from Lingvo Academy, you make the right choice! Your child will get a solid knowledge of English language, that he will use as a foundation during the construction of his skyscraper of knowledge!

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English courses for teens

A small test for caring parents:

  • Your child is 11 years old, but he had never studied English, hadn’t he?
  • Your teenage child is studying English at school, but does not know this language, does he?
  • Your teenage child is studying in school German or French, but he had a desire to learn English, hadn’t he?
  • Do you want to prepare your child for the English language exams?

If you gave a positive answer even for one question, we invite you and your child to visit our center of learning of languages Lingvo Academy! We will test your child and determine his basic level of knowledge of English language. We will advise a group according to your child’s level of knowledge. You can be sure that the teacher will find approach to your child! Teen years of your child – it is difficult period! But believe me, we will cope with this task! We are teaching teens in our center using special program for teens that is called Teen Prodigy. There are five stages (levels) of learning English language. Levels from 0 to 5:

  • Beginner (A1) level;
  • Elementary (A2) level;
  • Pre-intermediate level;
  • Intermediate (B1) level;
  • Upper Intermediate (B2) level.

Mastering of each level of knowledge takes from 9 to 10 months for each level (step). Classes are held regularly twice per week in groups of up to ten people and in small groups for two-three people. You can see the cost of studing and classes schedule for teens in groups of on the page:

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English courses for adults

As we wrote above: «All ages are to English language (like to love) submissive!». There is a misconception that if a person did not begin to learn English in childhood, all his efforts will end in defeat. In fact it is not so! And our many years of experience of teaching adults English from zero is the best proof of it! So, start learning English is possible at any age. In Lingvo Academy is possible to learn language from “zero level” of knowledge (Starter course) to professional level (Advanced course):

  • Starter (A1);
  • Elementary (A2);
  • Pre-intermediate;
  • Intermediate (B1);
  • Upper Intermediate (B2);
  • Advanced (C1).
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Special course «Intensive English course»

This special course is for people who need to quickly learn the language. Course includes four levels:

  1. Starter (A1)
  2. Elementary (A2)
  3. Pre-intermediate (B1)
  4. Intermediate (B1).

To master each level, you will need about 1 month. Classes are held intensively: 5 times per week for 3 hours a day. More information about intensive English course here: http://lingvoacademy.com/en/intensive-english-course

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Special course of English language «Business English»

Does your career require special knowledge of English language in the professional field? «Business English» will open new horizons for you! More about this course and the cost of lessons: http://lingvoacademy.com/en/business-english

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What other services does Lingvo Academy offer for business?

We offer to companies that go to the international market, as well as for companies with foreign capital, the following services:

  • corporate studying of English language;
  • staff testing.

Read the information about corporate English language trainings is possible by clicking the link: http://lingvoacademy.com/en/corporate-studying Read the information on the testing of staff is possible on the page of our website: http://lingvoacademy.com/en/staff-testing

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What certificates can you receive after English language courses from Lingvo Academy?

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Certificates from Lingvo Academy

At the end of each stage of learning (level) we test our clients. According to the results of testing we give our clients Lingvo Academy’s certificate, which is the confirmation of the level of client’s level of knowledge. Given the fact that center of foreign languages Lingvo Academy has already proved itself as an educational center with a good reputation, employers are willing to accept our certificates.

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Other certificates and exams

Lingvo Academy is preparing clients for international exams, including Cambridge exams:

  • for kids (7-11 years old) we offer professional preparation for specially developed children’s exams Young Learners or shortly YLE;
  • for teens (11-15 years old) we recommend courses for preparation for KET (Key English Test) for Schools, successful passing of which is a confirmation of the fact that you know basic English;
  • the next on the level certificate – РET (Preliminary English Test) for Schools;
  • the next is FCE (First Certificate in English) – confirmation of middle level of knowledge of this language. It should be noted that this certificate – documentary proof of your knowledge for European companies, employers, and for the European education institutions.
  • confirmation of the high level of English language – certificate CAE (Certificate in Advanced English). In contrast to the PET certificate, CAE certificate is also accepted by corporations and universities that conduct their business in the United States and Canada.
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System) – an international exam, that includes two modules: Academic Module и General Module. The first variant is for those who have plans to work or get a student visa to the EU, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. The second variant – for those who are going to relocate to the above countries.
  • TOEFL exam (Test of English as a Foreign Language) – exam to determine your level of knowledge of American English. Most often it is necessary for school graduates who plan to continue their education in the EU, Asia, America, Australia and New Zealand.
  • ВЕС (Business English Certificate) – highly specialized international exam that checks the level of your business English.

Do you have any questions? Contact us!